Registration Open for The Nevermore Jazz Ball & St. Louis Swing Dance Festival


We encourage all music-lovers, dancers, and dancers-to-be to register for our annual event, The Nevermore Jazz Ball & St. Louis Swing Dance Festival, November 1-4, 2012. With four nights of live jazz, beautiful historic dance venues, world-class dance instruction, city outings, contests, and hours of social dancing, The Nevermore Jazz Ball is one of the midwest’s premier dance and music festivals. Live music will include Miss Jubilee & Her Bella Rue Jazz Band, The St. Louis Sidemen, Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns from New Orleans, and more! Instructors Peter Loggins, Mia Goldsmith, Andy Reid, Bill and Shannon Butler, John Bedrosian, and more will be offering exceptional instruction in various jazz and swing dances. Don’t hesitate–we plan to sell out! REGISTER NOW!


We Love Our New Home in The Grandel Theatre Grand Hall!

Swingin’, swayin’, socializin’, movin’, groovin’. Just some of the many verbs that have come to be associated with our new Tuesday night home at the Grandel Theatre Grand Hall! We couldn’t think of a better place to offer top-notch swing dance classes followed by a social night of swing dancing each week, and we’re excited that so many people have chosen to make this THE night to hear great music, meet friends, and dance till they drop right here in St. Louis’s Arts and Entertainment District. The fabulous Miss Jubilee helped us kick off our new class and social dance with live music each Tuesday in April.

We’ll continue the merriment with St. Louis’ best swing DJ’s and a special night of live swing one Tuesday every month (for May we are featuring The Sidemen on Tuesday the 22nd!). If you’ve been a regular we can’t wait to see you more and more as Tuesday nights continue. If you have yet to come, but sure to check out our Lessons Page and visit us at Tuesday night Swing Night, where getting on the dance floor is as easy as “5, 6, 7, 8!”

The Nevermore Jazz Ball & St. Louis Swing Dance Festival, November 3-6, 2011

Nevermore Jazz Ball and St. Louis Swing Dance Festival

“A celebration of dance at the confluence of jazz and blues.”


Our first annual weekend-long event, The Nevermore Jazz Ball & St. Louis Swing Dance Festival is only a few weeks away! During November 3-6, 2011 this history-making festival will feature live music by local St. Louis bands, Tommy Halloran’s Guerrilla Swing, Miss Jubilee’s Hot Swing Combo, and the St. Louis Sidemen, as well as New Orleans-based jazz band Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns. Internationally renowned jazz dancers Peter Loggins and Mia Goldsmith of New Orleans will be the featured instructors for the weekend. Our very own John Bedrosian will be teaching classes in St. Louis Shag, our local territory swing dance. Local and regional instructors will be teaching dance classes in topics from lindy hop to blues and tap dancing. Dancers with no prior experience can join in with a special beginner swing dance track on Saturday morning. The event will kick off on Thursday, November 3rd at the Atomic Cowboy in the Grove and will continue with events during the day on Friday and throughout the weekend at the historic Casa Loma Ballroom and Lotus Arts Studio on Cherokee Street.

Attendees from the region and as far as Chicago, New York City, and New Orleans have been confirmed. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate our rich history of jazz, blues, and social dancing with friends from St. Louis and around the country. To find out more info or to get discounts by registering in advance please click here: Nevermore Jazz Ball & St. Louis Swing Dance Festival. And to tickle your senses, here’s a great clip of Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns jazz band playing on the streets of their hometown:


Glenn Crytzer and Solomon Douglas at Casa Loma, 30 Sept. (Friday)

“America’s Most Authentic Vintage Swing Band!”

Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators of Seattle, WA, featuring Solomon Douglas on piano, will be playing at the fabulous Casa Loma Ballroom this Friday, September 30th. Glenn Crytzer and Solomon Douglas are two of the most active and authentic swing musicians on the scene today and have quickly become the musicians of choice for dancers across the nation. Pair their swinging grooves with the Casa Loma’s enormous maple floor, and you’ve got yourself a ball! Be sure not to miss this spectacular night!

Casa Loma Ballroom, 3354 Iowa Avenue, Saint Louis
Friday, September 30th, 2011. Lesson at 8:00, music at 8:30
Admission is $10

Dancers Had A Ball At Miss Jubilee’s Jitterbug Jamboree!

Over 300 dancers and music enthusiasts from all over the region filled the dance floor at Casa Loma Ballroom on Saturday, April 16th for Miss Jubilee’s Jitterbug Jamboree!


We cannot make mention of any of the evening’s festivities without first recognizing the two fabulous live, local bands who kept us moving all night long! Miss Jubilee’s Hot Five and the Tommy Halloran Combination furnished non-stop hot rhythms and the dancers just couldn’t help themselves. Check out some footage of the bands and dancers here!

Some other highlights:

  • The University of Illinois Swing Dings performed their championship-winning routine (watch it!).  St. Louis’ own Evan Groopman and Liz Schwarzkopf pleased the crowd with a killer blues performance, and Jon Tigert debuted his new solo routine, The Stanky Doo. Over 20 dancers from all over the Midwest jumped up for a performance of the historic Big Apple routine.
    Tommy Russo with young dancers at Casa Loma Ballroom!
  • Just like in the old jitterbug days, dancers strutted their stuff in front of judges in a social dance Jack and Jill contest. Over 25 contestants took the floor in the preliminary round, and you can check out the footage of our 10 contest finalists here. Congratulations to all of our finalists andour top 3 couples:  Bradley Smith and Andrea Udey (Champaign, IL), Christopher Cohen and Liz Schwarzkopf (St. Louis, MO) and Jeannette Bailey (Champaign, IL) and Nick Apperson (St. Louis, MO). A huge thank you to our judges John Bedrosian, Joan Di Pretore, Jon Tigert, and Tommy Russo.
  • Everyone in attendance had the unique privilege of meeting 94-year old St. Louis dance legend Tommy Russo. Tommy inspired us with his love for the dance, his personability, and the impromptu floor show that he put on for everyone–he sang, tap danced, and danced with the ladies in a performance that we will surely never forget.

A huge thank you to Casa Loma Ballroom, Miss Jubilee’s Hot Five, Tommy Halloran’s combo, and ALL THE DANCERS who came out and made Miss Jubilee’s Jitterbug Jamboree a night to remember! And remember, this event was just a taste of the amazing dancing, music, and energy that the Nevermore Jazz Ball and St. Louis Swing Dance Festival will be celebrating in November!

St. Louis dancers move to the music!
St. Louis dancers move to the music!
Dancers and the Casa Loma Ballroom go together!