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We welcome everyone who wants to learn how to move to the beat, no matter what your background: Our carefully constructed class series will get you on the dance floor so that you can enjoy St. Louis's wealth of live jazz and blues music the way it was meant to be enjoyed: by dancing!

Each 4 week lesson series is $60/person ($30 for LHSL Members). Online registration will close when the class fills up or 48 hours before the class. LHSL members may re-take core classes for free (space permitting). Just let us know you want to re-take by emailing info [at] lindyhopstlouis [dot] org. Not a member yet? Sign Up!

Lessons are held in the Grandel Theatre Grand Hall at 3610 Grandel Sq. St. Louis, MO 63108. Four week lesson series registration includes free admission to that month's Tuesday night swing dances, 8:30-11pm.

Got a gift certificate to redeem, questions, or problem registering? Contact us at info [at] lindyhopstlouis [dot] org.

March Elective Classes

The core curriculum offered by LHSL consists of four classes each a month long. LHSL also offers a variety of advanced and elective classes. View the full curriculum along with recap videos.

Balboa Lab!

Thursdays 8:30 pm - 10 pm
Prerequisites: Balboa Experience, one class minimum.
Join us every Thursday for Balboa Lab, an advanced practice group where you can experiment, explore, and take your dancing to the next level! $5/free for LHSL members. Wear slick shoes-they will help greatly!

Drop In Beginner Elective: Big Finish! Putting the punctuation on your dancing

Anna Baker and Chris Ramirez-- Tuesday, March 31 , 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Join us the 5th Tuesday in March for a special drop in elective class!
Prerequisite: 4 weeks of a LHSL Beginner class series.
Does your dancing just fizzle out at the end of a song? We will show you how to change that question mark at the end of a dance into a period. We will give you skills to use during breaks, fade away songs, and dipworthy endings.

$20/$10 for LHSL members.

March 31, 2015 Drop In
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April 2015 Classes

Drop In Intermediate Elective: Original Harlem Style Swing!

Jenny Shirar and Christian Frommelt-- Thursday, April 2 , 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Prerequisite: Must have high comfort with the 8-count swingout at or above 170 BPM and be very comfortable social dancing at a variety of tempos.
Explore the Charleston-based partner dancing of the original Harlem lindy hoppers! Our inspiration will be the earliest footage of the dance known as the lindy hop as demonstrated by Shorty George and other dancers in the contest scene in the movie "After Seben" (1929). Particular focus will be on the breakaway, a prototype of the swingout, as well as other characteristics of this transition point in jazz dancing. $20/$10 for LHSL members

April 2, 2015 Drop In
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Beginning Lindy Hop: Swingin' with Triple Steps

Scott Lowry and Liz Pund--Tuesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm April 7, 14, 21, 28
Learn the fundamentals of Lindy Hop, the original swing dance, with a focus on six-count, triple step rhythms. This class is for absolute beginners: no experience required! $60/$30 for LHSL members. Online registration will close 48 hours before class or when class reaches capacity.

April 2015 Beginning Swingin', Tuesdays 7:30pm
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Beginning Lindy Hop: Kickin’! Upbeat Swing and Charleston

Anna Baker and Chris Ramirez--Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm - April 8, 15, 22, 29
Get back to the roots of swing dancing in this four week series on single count swing and Charleston. We will cover this upbeat 1920's dance style along with 8 count swing patterns. This class is for absolute beginners: no experience or partner required! Our two Beginning Lindy Hop classes (Swingin' and Kickin') can be taken in any order, but both are required to progress to intermediate level. $60/$30 for LHSL members. Online registration will close 48 hours before class or when class reaches capacity.

April 2015 Beginning Kickin', Wednesdays 7:00pm
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Beginner Plus Elective Series

Liz Schwarzkopf and Tal Stein--Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:00pm - April 8, 15, 22, 29
Prerequisite: Completion of one LHSL Beginner class series, either Kickin' or Swingin' or equivalent.
Take your 6 count swing to the next level by firming your foundation! In this class you will: Learn how to communicate/connect with your partner, learn a bunch of cool moves to show off, learn how to have fun with Swing physics, and learn how to use the dance mechanics to create your own improvisations!
$60/$30 for LHSL members. Online registration will close 48 hours before class or when class reaches capacity.

April 2015 Beginner PLUS!, Wednesdays 8:00pm
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Intermediate Swingouts Level 1

Jess Straatmann and Clayton Smith--Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm - April 7, 14, 21, 28
Take off with the iconic 8 count pattern of Lindy Hop: the Swing Out! Named for Charles Lindbergh’s iconic “hop” over the Atlantic, Lindy Hop’s dynamic movement uses your partner’s momentum to create the feeling of flight. Requires 8 weeks of prior beginner classes, comfort with triple steps, and familiarity with 6 and 8 count patterns. Prerequisite: Completion of beginner track (Swingin' and Kickin'). $60/$30 for LHSL members. Online registration will close 48 hours before class or when class reaches capacity.

April 2015 Intermediate Swingouts 1 Tuesdays 6:30pm
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Becoming your best Dancer

Jenny Shirar and Christian Frommelt--Thursdays 7:00pm-8:30pm - April 9, 16, 23, 30
Becoming Your Best Dancer: This 4-week intensive will include both technical and conceptual explorations that are geared towards helping you develop yourself as a dancer. Instead of teaching moves and figures (though that will be a byproduct), we'll explore concepts and strategies for improvement and self-directed growth as a dancer.
Week 1: Body Movement. Being a great partner dancer begins with your ability to have high-quality and intentional movement in your dancing. Partner and solo exercises to explore the different facets of movement.
Week 2: Partnering and Connection. We'll look at the technical points of how we match up and communicate as partners in order to lead and follow more effectively.
Week 3: Effective Practice and Becoming Your Own Teacher. We'll talk about building a practice regimen for yourself and how to include self-critique as a regular part of your practice.
Week 4: Finding Your Voice. The ultimate goal of dancing is to have a great time, and we'll talk about how to inject creativity and individuality into your dancing without compromising comfort for you or your partner.
Pre Reqs: Completion of LHSL Core Classes through the intermediate level or equivalent experience
$60/$30 for LHSL members. Online registration will close 48 hours before class or when class reaches capacity.

April 2015 Becoming Best Dancer, Thursdays 7:00pm
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The Nitty Gritty

Hold Harmless Statement

By registering for this class, you acknowledge that dancing is a physical activity that may carry risk. You agree to hold harmless Lindy Hop St. Louis, its instructors, Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers for any accident or injury that may occur while dancing or otherwise.

Refund Policy

Class fees are non-refundable but are transferable to another class series if you provide 48 hours' notice of your cancellation. You may apply your credit towards another class series within the next 6 months.

Behavior Policy

In order to protect all our students, members, participants, staff, teachers and volunteers, inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, sexual harassment, racist or derogatory language, or violence shown to any student during a class or on the social dance floor at a Lindy Hop St. Louis event will not be tolerated, and students who demonstrate such behavior will asked to leave. Depending on the severity, they will forfeit the remainder of their paid classes, lose their membership, and be banned from attending future Lindy Hop St. Louis events. The appropriate action will be at the sole discretion of Lindy Hop St. Louis.

Drop-In Policy

Our classes are progressive and build on the concepts taught in each class. Therefore, we do not accept class drop-ins in the middle of a series.

Video and Photography Agreement

By registering for classes with Lindy Hop St. Louis you consent to being photographed and videotaped at Lindy Hop St. Louis events for promotional use.

Email Notification

After paying for your class, Lindy Hop St. Louis will e-mail you with important confirmation details and class information. You will have the opportunity to opt-in to receive further event and program updates.

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